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Sample Services and Sermons

Sample Services And Sermons

In the context of a worship service and in the weekly life of a congregation, the minister is “gatekeeper” to information and beliefs about many controversial topics. If they are open to a holistic understanding of human behavior and mental health issues, they can help overcome shame and stigma rather than reinforce it. The religious leader’s words, phrases and delivery during sermons, announcements, prayers and counseling can state or imply either judgment or compassion toward people with mental and emotional conditions. In this section we offer positive examples which we trust will inspire faith leaders to offer healing and hope to individuals and families living with mental health concerns.

When Mama Ain’t Happy Sermon  – Steve Hollaway, Harbor Church

Anxiety and Gratitude – Steve Hollaway, Harbor Church

Sample Participatory Interfaith Service

Mental Health Awareness: It is important

Rosh Hashanah Sermon

Yom Kippur Sermon

More sermons will be added in the future.

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