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During this time, NAMI RI wants to ensure that you are still able to access your resources and support networks.  Our office is currently closed, but our staff is working remotely, and available by email.  We are also able to access voicemail messages.

  • If you or a loved one are in crisis, please reach out to BH Link (401) 414-LINK (5465) or call 911.  For more information on BH Link, visit
  • The Crisis Hotline is always open at 800-854-7771, or you can reach the Crisis Text Line by texting NAMI to 741741.  For more information on NAMI (nationally available) help services, visit
  • For non-emergency situations, please email the NAMI RI staff individually or at

We are continuing to explore ways to offer our programs and resources during this time.  For more information on available resources and services, email us individually or at  As they are scheduled, any online offerings will be added to this website.


Please stay safe (and stay home whenever possible).  Here are some important tips from NAMI:

  • For anyone who is unsure about attending therapy sessions outside the home, especially those who the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has described as being at higher risk, you can ask your health care provider about tele-therapy or mental health services online.
  • For anyone who is worried about access to prescribed medications, you can ask your health care provider about getting 90-day supplies vs. a 60- or 30-day supply. If this is not possible, we encourage you to refill your medications as soon as they are allowed. (Note: If healthcare providers deny/decline making accommodations, challenge the decisions at least three times. Decision-makers on making health plan adjustments may change if/as conditions worsen.)
  • Listen to and follow your local public health care provider expectations.
  • Provide self-care, especially if you are in the higher risk population as defined by the CDC. Pay attention to emerging symptoms. Reach out to family and friends.


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